What is the mode of existence of transparent beings? What are the relationships proposed by those existences that make superposition an inevitably vital space? Overlay as a translucently vivid blend. The images of Éxtimo Presente claim their shadows as conditions for existence; penumbras that draw the traces of the vegetal leaves that were interposed between the sun. Its existence is transparency. Life is solar and it pierces and pierces us. The shadows, say the peoples of the Andean highlands, remind us that we are disjointed beings: the shadows that design our bodies on the ground are the souls that the sunlight pushes out of us. Our existence, then, is also torn between transparency and opacity, in the need to go through others to cast vital shadows. Wouldn’t this be an ethnographic theory of life as metamorphosis.

Rapainu (AR)
Self-taught visual artist. Trained in regional integration and substantive development, in political innovation and open government. He has 10 years of experience in territorial artivism and collaborative governance in areas of environmental conservation. He developed visual and environmental conservation projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Cuba. In his artistic work, he investigates what emerges between the simultaneity of realities, taking as a starting point the relationship between the human species and its environment as a fragile and geologically ephemeral space / time. Today he investigates the “Multifocal Image” through video performances and the technique of chlorophyll photography.