Through different languages, this experimental work uses sound and visual poetry, presenting images with a non-linear flow of words in a context of exponential equations, making integrated use of the word, the meaning of the word, and the sound of the word.

Cristina Amiran (BR), Khalil Charif (BR)
Cristina Amiran (1960) and Khalil Charif (1967), artists from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They both studied in the Escola de Artes Viduais do Parque Lage, in their hometown. Together, they worked in several projects for over 15 years. Among their exhibitions are: “Videoarte Agora Videoarte” (Rio de Janeiro, 2018), “24es Instants Video” (Marseille, 2011), “Rencontres Internationales” (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, 2007-2008), “Triennale of Contemporary Art” (Praga, 2008).