Maria Tsvetkova (RU)
Maria Tsvetkova is a Russian filmmaker, scriptwriter and photographer – born in 1982. Maria holds an Honours Master Degree in Dramatic Arts from VGIK (Russian State University of Cinematography), where she attended graduate and post-graduate classes in scriptwriting, dramatic art and directing, given by prominent Russian and international screenwriters, directors, and DoPs, including Leonid Nekhoroshev, Yuriy Arabov, Igor Grigoriev, etc. In 2018, Maria became a postgraduate student at Fiction Film Directing faculty of High Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow, Russia (VKSR) led by Vladimir Khotinenko, Vladimir Fenchenko & Pavel Finn. Maria is involved, both as director and scriptwriter, in the production of fiction and documentary films, theatre productions and art projects – in collaboration with Marshac Production, a creative team of Russian and international young dramatists, independent filmmakers and producers. Continuously developing as a professional film director, Maria evolves her distinctive style of dramatic art cinematography – blending original and contemporary Russian and international dramaturgy with cutting-edge topics and engaging characters from around the world to reflect those in her films and productions.