A film essay reflecting on progress, urban development and the dispossession of commons through the lens of extractive violence. Taking the event of the brutal demolition of the National Theatre of Tirana and using the bulldozer as a primary object of inquiry, this film essay further reflects how under the grand narrative of (western constructed notion of) modernity, colonial definitions and practices are still implemented and domesticized in the exploitation of commons.

Klodiana Millona (AL), Endi Tupja (AL), Yuan Chun Liu (AL))
Klodiana Millona (1990, Albania) studied architecture in Albania and Netherlands and Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. She works within different practices of researching, writing, image making and field recording. She teaches at the Master of Interior Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague and recent shows of her work have been at the Oslo Triennial of Architecture, Lisbon Triennial of Architecture, and Tbilisi Architecture Biennial. She is co-founder and co-curator of “Neverland Cinema”, a lo-fi film house in Rotterdam.

Endi Tupja (1984, Albania) studied Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Milan, and Experimental Media Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany. Ηer work has been shown in festivals, exhibitions and screenings for Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Tbilisi (Georgia) 2020; “Sensations of Home” Fringe Arts Festival, Bath (UK) 2020; Other Ways of Watching Together” Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2020; FURORA Film Festival Berlin (Germany) 2019; DokuFest International Short-and Documentary Film Festival, Prizëren (Kosovo) 2019; Oaxaca Film Festival, Oaxaca (Mexico) 2019.

Yuan Chun Liu (1987, Taiwan) is an architect/artist based in Rotterdam. He studied Interior Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts the Hague and is currently working across disciplines of design, research, spatial interventions and film making. He is a recipient of the Talent Development grant 2019-2020 from the Creative Industries Fund NL conducting research on two cities: Taipei and Tirana, developing critical cartography of de-centered social welfare domesticities. He is co-founder and co-curator of “Neverland Cinema”, a lo-fi film house in Rotterdam.