Natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent in many parts of our planet. Two of the most common types related to climate change are droughts and floods. They are usually devastating and leaving wounded land and people. In the first part of this video, the camera follows the eyesight of a human being who wanders through a dry and uncultivated scenery. The heat of the air blurs his vision while memories of greener imagery surface his consciousness. The second part relates to water and floods in a more symbolic and impressional fashion while avoiding either the spectacular and shocking look of a catastrophe or the tranquility of the seashore resort. The main component of the audio that accompanies the visual montage is the instrumental music composed, especially for it. In the background, the ambient sounds that the camera recorded on the different locations play the role of texture describers to enforce the sensual experience.

Yossi Galanti (IL)
Yossi Galanti is an artist based in Jerusalem, where he was born in 1965, lived and worked there ever since. He received his professional training in photography at The Applied Photography Department at the Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, where he now works as a senior lecturer of digital photography, video editing, and visual anthropology (The Photographic Communication Dept.). In 2001 he received his MA in Contemporary Art from, University of Liverpool. As an active photographer, video artist, and editor, he has participated in many group shows and festivals in Israel and abroad with video works from the series Disrupted Landscape and other works and had several solo shows. His works are in private and public collections worldwide, including The Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.