The video work describes the intimate space of the altar, hidden from the eyes of the outside world. The characters jokingly offer to sacrifice themselves, talk about fear, which is not really there. And there is only infinite power and authority under the cover of submission. Potted plants are weaned from the flesh of their native land, but they continue to spread networks of roots and fill centimeters of room space. The viewer becomes a visitor to a secluded garden, where each plant has its own character, and in the flower, literally – its own face. In 2020, everyone discovered new, previously unnoticed fears and thoughts, and faced a difficult period of understanding their life alone. The speech of my characters is abstract, and it is not quite clear whether they are talking about an episode from life or about a dream. Each phrase radiates anxiety, and for each viewer the reason for this anxiety may be different: fear for relatives, fear of nature, isolation. I believe that this work works outside of any topic and can affect the feelings of every person and every viewer will find something painfully close to him in this video.

Polina Berestovaiaa (RU)
Was born in 1995 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). Have a higher education in screenwriting (Saint-Petersburg State University of cinema and television), film directing and video art (Moscow school of new cinema, curator Victor Alimpiev). Studied in the Venice International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media (New media). Worked as a screenplay editor in a cinema company, line producer in the theatre project, worked in the Bolshoi theatre in the extras department as the director of the ensemble. Now working as a creative producer in a 3D-mapping studio.