How confident can you be about your memories? A woman’s effort to remember… “Digital Recollection” is a story inspired from those people that during the pandemic period, got in contact with their inner self, discover their wounds, process their thoughts and found the courage to come forward and report past child and sexual abuse. It is a snapshot of such a story, which guides us to the moment when our hero, after a visit to the place where she grew up, begins to recall fragments of repressed childhood memories. Recollection is by nature subjective and defective. Ιn the digital world, unlike physical world, there can be no analogy of recollection. The information chosen to be stored in a digital medium is defined, structured, and unchangeable over time. By utilizing several glitching techniques we manage to add subjectivity to the medium, creating a digital analogy of the recollection.

Aristeidis Koutoulogenis (GR)
Aristeidis Koutoulogenis is a video artist based in Greece. He holds a Bachelor in Material Science, a MA in Audiovisual Arts, and now is a postgraduate student in Computer Engineering.
Despite that he worked for several years in the audiovisual industry as a videographer, editor, and project manager, it was only recently that made his debut as a solo artist with the project “Digital Recollection”.
He is using glitching as an approach to describe the subjective nature of memory and the process of recollection. Being at the borderline between analog and digital, he is using mainly old analog lenses and in-camera effects. His work is based in storytelling and can be described as poetic and nostalgic.