Since its inception, the digital world has epitomized the idea of running away from our daily struggles: boredom, isolation, longing, an increasing distance to our loved ones. With the ongoing pandemic,the world faces the apotheosis of those issues: constrained to smaller spaces day after day, unable to talk to friends and family face to face, powerless to enjoy the world at its fullest and meet new people. «Tomorrow will be better» because «now» is the era of stagnation. People are escaping forward, returning to the digital utopia, closing the distance between us.

Yannet Vilela (PE)
Yannet Vileila
New media artist, Founder of escape 010101: a platform that reunites artists from around the world, aimed at incorporating visual art, music and other mediums.
Currently working in experimental 3d video art & audiovisual events with bqestia soundsystem.
She’s researching and experimenting with VR/AR & 3D art ideas to transport people to different worlds and scenes she builds on her mind, mixing abstract figures, technology, glitch art, iridescent colors, hybrid content and more.

Jesper Frederiksen
DJ and Electronic Music Producer
Techno/Hard techno/Dub techno/Dub/Dubstep & Bass music is his main focus. Co-creator of the artisan sound system BQestia Soundsystem developed in Peru. Focused on music creation and sound design through VCV Rack.