Deja ,meaning, again, in French is a poem written by Alan Abrahams and uses a pendulum as a metaphor for racist and facist ideologies coming back into our society as a cyclic phenomenon. Music composition and narration Alan Abrahams.

Alan Abrahams (FR)
Alan Abrahams grew up in a apartheid South Africa and has been resident in London, then Berlin and is currently residing in Paris,France. He is better known as the much lauded music composer and live performer Portable aka Bodycode, who has graced some of the most important stages and festivals such as Sonar, Mutek, Melt and has been a regular live performing at the world famous Berghain/Panorama bar Berlin , over a music career spanning nearly two decades. In he’s audio visual projects Alan Abrahams has collaborated with the South African poet, Mandy Alexander.They have weaved together these tapestries of video, poetry and sound, where each element generates a narrative for the next element to latch onto, like interlinking chains from past to present The process starts with Abrahams filming in anamorphic widescreen using vintage Russian lenses and a modern camera.This technique lends the footage its cinematic widescreen quality. These clips are edited into a narrative, which in turn is sent to the poet/ess, who constructs the poem based upon the film. As a next step the music and sound design is created, composed around the video and poetry. The final step is the narration by Alan Abrahams, encapsulating the entire experience into a mesmerising whole.