Deep Blue

Springs and Apneas between Worlds to resist and re-exist the pandemic. The power of the womb of the world. Faced with thousands of bodies that cannot breathe and die from Covid-19, this work reflects on the force of apnea as a way to access primal states of life. If Covid-19 is a consequence of anthropic actions, this work is proposed to be a gesture of resistance by appealing to a connection with the cosmos and the sources of life.

Sebastian Wiedemann (CO)
Colombian experimental filmmaker, has shown his films at galleries, museums, and festivals in the Americas, Europa, and Asia. In 2015 his film “Los (De)pendientes” was included in the Artforum’s list of the best films of the year and in 2017 won the Special Prize of the Jury at Fronteira Film Festival (Brazil). In 2017 his film “Abismo” was included in Film series Ism Ism Ism: Experimental Cinema in Latin America – Los Angeles Filmforum. During 2019-2020 his film “Obatala Film” won several prizes in Brazil. His work has received retrospective shows in Brazil, Colombia, Spain, and Ireland.