The story of an Iraqi child whose family abandoned Mosul after the Islamic State took control of it in 2014, and war broke out on their area. The family lived in the displaced persons camp. After liberating their area, the child’s father returned to look over their home, and the house exploded in it because it was mined as a result of the war. The father was killed, the family became without a breadwinner, so the child was forced to move away from his family and work in Erbil to be able to support his family.The child works daily for eight hours and earn less than five dollars a day. Because of that, he also stopped studying. The film shows the suffering of refugee and displaced children after the wars.The film warns of the dangers of the future for this generation of children who work and do not enjoy the most basic rights.

Kahi Titab (IQ)
Kahi Titab is a Young Filmmaker, he is student of Cinema and Television at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul/Turkey. Before now he made some short movies but ”Childhood Beyond War” is the only film that he applied to Film Festivals and Competion.