From the XVII in Brazil, works of art were created with scenes of enslavement inserted in landscapes that are attempts of descriptions eurocentric idealizers of the slavery like an exotic world and until beautiful to be appreciated. What lies behind the beauty of the “Engenho de Madioca” picture of the Spanish Modesto Brocos, through the horror narrative vision of one of the african women painted in the background of this work. The film brings the narrative of an African woman who was kidnapped to Brazil while pregnant in the 18th century. She describes the entire environment in which her son, at that time 6 years old, lives his childhood, without knowing his true social class. Human rights denied to women: Right to freedom, right to nationality, right to choose their work, right to physical integrity, right to dignity.

Alek Lean (BR)
Brazilian African diaspora film student at School Darcy Ribeiro. screenwriter and educator. He began his film studies at the Centro Afro Carioca de Cinema Zózimo Bulbul.
A curriculum with participations in over fifty film festivals on four continents. Winner of best international short film award and five honorable mentions.