Before We Collide

Before We Collide is a short film shot on a Nishika N8000 analog lenticular camera consisting of over 800 photographs pieced together. In a haunting encounter, the film captures our fragmented perception of time during the pandemic while exploring the dynamics of mutual support.The film does not give the impression that it is made for me, you, or anyone for that matter. It simply exists as an artefact that can be witnessed, like found footage of a ghostly apparition.

Guy Gooch (UK), Gregor Petrikovic (UK)
Guy Gooch is a London-based photographer and filmmaker who shoots and experiments with analogue film techniques. During the pandemic, Guy devised an experimental cinematic technique using the Nishika lenticular camera. Since his first work in animation, he has created two other projects in this style, each time perfecting the method and editing process. Before we Collide is his debut film.

Gregor Petrikovic is an artist and director from Slovakia whose work pursues concepts of alienation and transcendentalism. He is currently studying MA Photography at the Royal College of Art in London.