Airdrop (I want your data)

Airdrop (I want your data) is a love song by #Sergina about wanting to get inside somebody’s mind, body and device. #Sergina is a phone obsessed, multi locational, multi bodied drag queen who emerged out of parties in Berlin on the body of Elly Clarke in the late noughties, but was soon played (out) by any body who would have her. This film was made originally as an Infomercial as part of a 4 hour performance by Elly Clarke and Vladimir Bjelicic at ONCA Gallery in Brighton, UK. ( Featuring and shot & directed by Elly Clarke and Vladimir Bjeličić, edited by Roux Malherbe. 2019-20. Text by Elly Clarke.

Elly Clarke (UK)
Elly Clarke is an artist interested in the role, performance, value and burden (‘the drag’) of the physical body in a digitally mediated world, as well as the ‘snapping-to-grid’ of templates. She explores this through video, photography, music, writing, community-based and collaborative projects and #Sergina, a border-straddling, multi-bodied drag queen who, across one body and several, sings and performs songs online and offline about love, lust and loneliness in the mesh of hyper-dis/connection. In this format, #Sergina (plural) has performed in venues of all persuasions – in the UK, Germany, Serbia, USA and Canada. Clarke is a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths College, University of London, looking at the Drag of Physicality in the Digital Age.