We all lose touch with our inner child at one time or another. Being bombarded by information and data on a daily basis keeps us so occupied and distracts us from our core values and integrities. It has become harder to deflect the noises of everyday life, an arduous journey to enlightens and protect one’s inner child. I used glitch to demonstrate the subject of lost and weary souls in today’s world and the memories that can be continuously edited, constructed, and reconstructed that have left us but we still cling onto. My work deploys a dreamy world and shows the thug-o-war within oneself to go from the dark side to the bright side, trying to stay aware while being surrounded by too many noises and parasites.

Arezou Ramezani (IR)
Arezou Ramezani is an animator, painter, podcaster (Arezou Art) working in wide range of styles. She pursued her BA in Visual communication at Art university of Tehran where she continued her MA in Animation. She got her second master through full scholarship from Arts University Bournemouth in Animation Production. She developed her evocative style in painting with inks throughout years and selling her artworks worldwide. After making her first animation, Sock and Buskin which reflects the duality of human nature, she got into experimental animation. No matter what medium she uses to make art, she loves to provoke an emotion and convey a feeling to the audience.