1/4 Restless

The first of the 4 pieces that make up the work, is inspired by the night experience of the interpreter, of insomnia as a psychological and creative experience throughout the creation and editing process of this work. Collecting the corporal and mental consequences of the confinement. Restless, the homonym of the complete work, takes us on a journey through hidden places that awakens us more desire to scream, hug, run and watch, come out of the confinement egg. It is a journey into the interior of this being that we are all and that we are one at a time.

Eduardo Zuñiga (CL)
Eduardo Zúñiga, Chilean dancer and choreographer, internationally recognized. He has worked with numerous classical and contemporary companies such as the Chilean National Ballet, Houston Ballet II, State Street Ballet, Texas Ballet Theater, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Luna Negra Dance Theater, Lucerner Tanz Theater. As a choreographer he has been awarded the Joyce Award, Moscow Ballet and Choreographer Competition, Beijing Ballet and Choreographer Competition. 1/4 Restless is his first film project.