Special Dark Glass Somewhere

Darkness never emerges but it is present. Some kind of teenage wasteland feel, unexpected storms and inviting landscapes are intermeshed together. In a bewitching atmosphere, proximity and distance are revealed through a thoughtful structure where images and sounds confuses both the imagination and the real. Sensuality and desire are seen as forbidden, somehow, like facing a glass wall. And only by looking back, there is an understanding of finding oneself on a moon-like space/place.

Charlotte Clermont (CA)
Charlotte Clermont’s video and sound work addresses the concept of time through symbolic and emotional associations. Often collaborating with others, she uses analogue recording devices and works with the malleability of film and magnetic tape to build space-times that reside between imagination and memory, the past and the present. With a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University, she has exhibited in Canada and internationally at festivals and exhibitions including the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma (Canada), Antimatter [Media Art] (Canada), the Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema (France), IFF Rotterdam (Netherlands), Künstlerhaus Bethanian (Germany), Transient Visions (United States), Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival (Norway) and Edinburgh International Film Festival (Scotland). She has been selected for artist residencies in Japan, the United States and Italy. Her works are distributed by Vidéographe and Winnipeg Film Group.