Int X,Y,Z;

INT X,Y,Z, is the latest work in the “Light, Sound, and Electronics” series, who focuses on body movements and gestures as a form of interaction; because everyone’s gestures and body movements differ due to physiological differences, he has been interested in creating interactive works that allow one to engage in the most natural and organic way possible; This not only leads to a unique connection with the work but also in a truly immersive and multisensory experience. The participant engages with the installation via a wireless controller, which allows them to walk and move freely throughout the space while exploring a set of programmed light patterns from LEDs that are highly synchronized with low-frequency sound.

Hussein Faqih (NL)
Hussein Faqih is a sound and visual artist based in Groningen, the Netherlands. He recently graduated from the Frank Mohr Institute in the Netherlands, with a Master’s degree in MADtech: Media, Art, Design, and Technology, where he began developing “Sound, Light, and Electronics,” a series of interactive audiovisual works that explores multisensory perception in playful setups. Light and sound and electronics can be described in terms of waveforms with physical characteristics that can be controlled and manipulated, and when combined in certain ways, create something magical and powerful. Each new work in the series aims to bring hearing, seeing, touching, and kinesthesia/propriocep tion (the senses/perception of body movement and position) closer together to the point of total synchronization, so that they become a single entity and the experience becomes even more immersive.