Edgebound is an abstract game-like experience about getting in touch with the psyche. It consists of different worlds, each one representing a different state of mind and thus having its own distinct visual theme. Common aspect among the worlds is that all of them are composed of geometric platforms that produce chaotic formations. The game uses platforming elements and fast-paced gameplay indicating the mind’s ability to quickly make connections between various experiences, but also its determination when it’s on a given path. The players assume the role of the inner-self and by rushing through memory, thought and emotion fragments, they explore the unpredictable nature and vagueness of thoughts, as well as the trait of the mind to shift states spontaneously.

Anna Virimine (GR), Yasen Dokov (BG)
Yasen Dokov’s (code artist) and Anna Virimine’s (visual artist) mutual passion for art, video games and technology has led them to game development and to experiment with various digital art forms. In 2020 they decided to start collaborating to create not only traditional games but, also, more abstract or conceptual works. In their work, they use interaction, play elements and game mechanics as a means of exploring a variety of themes and concepts as well as creating fun experiences for the players. Sound Design: M. Harvey Bee