Ionian University, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Mariana Tzislaki Kotsanou

The 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival ‘TĀCTUS’ hosts selected works by students of the 1st cycle of OPEN ART – ARTIST LAB 2019-20 under the instructions of Angelos Floros, scientific director of the program and Marianna Tzislaki Kotsanou official guest of the program. More than 20 people were participated developing artistic works in the field of Interactive Media & Performance.

OPEN ART – Ionian University an Education, Training and Lifelong Learning Program on the Arts in the Digital Age and the Age of Communication, recalls the fundamental role of education in reconstituting the structures of contemporary democratic culture, offering the program for free for the second year Artistic Practice in the field: Art, Technology, Science, Society. This action is done once again in collaboration and support with the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)

Works and Artists:
Venetsiana Kalampaliki with Odysseas Platsakis, Eythimios Mschopoulos, Andria Dimitriou, Rallou Karela | mapMyVisit | GR
Ermina Apostolaki Nicholas Kapros (technical support) | The dictionary of violence | GR
Asimina Miliarokosta | Heart Space | GR
Afroditi Anastopoulou | Medusa | GR
Nikos Kostopoulos, Savvas Metaxas (sound design) | Argus v 3.75bln | GR
Ionanna Paraskevopoulou, Giorgos Lampropoulos (technical support) | No Leap Is Ever Into The Void | GR
Chryssianna Karameris | BLIND[S] étude in Homeriada | GR
Annie Tsevdomaria | M’s Mirror (Marauder’s Mirror) | GR
Yanna Kali | Dream | GR