Live cinema creation with retro digital tools

This workshop introduces the necessary digital and analogue techniques and technologies to immerse into the imaginative universe of live video creation. Live video as in real time, live. Using miniature models, objects, live drawing we move away from the exclusive use of computers and stimulate the creativity of each participant. We will talk about and experience processes, concepts and techniques to create a video performance from the first idea to the final realisation.

We will talk about, and experience processes, concepts and procedures to create a video performance from the first idea to the final realization. We will create our own small movie sets so we can later film them. We will work on different real-time techniques, using a camera and a video projector. Starting with simple filming methods, we will continue to work with live cinema techniques. We will discover new tricks, how to edit a film whilst it is being shot. The workshop is mainly practice-oriented, the objective of the course is the collective creation of an experimental live cinema performance.

Student profile
This workshop is designed for people (of all ages) who are curious about live cinema creation. Who want to tell a visual story, and like to play with the infinite possibilities this mix of digital and analogue tools offers to us.

Karla Kracht (DE)
Karla Kracht creates retro-futurist techno-sculptures, where the limits between the drawing stroke and their digital reflection blur completely. In combination with live camera, drawings, video and shadow projections, light and animation, she composes bizarre universes full of strange creatures, miniature cities inhabited by mythological cyborg goddesses that tell sci-fi stories about current social and political issues. Her Live Cinema works range between visual arts, comics, animation and object theatre. Recently she investigates mystic aspects of society and imagines scenarios for a world in pre-singularity, where the myths and magic of machines and humans melt with each other. Her award-winning work has been shown worldwide at Animateka Ljubljana, Alhondiga Bilbao, Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal, Georgetown Festival Malaysia and Tabakalera San Sebastian, amongst many others. She participates in residency programmes in Portugal, Taiwan, Poland, Korea, Latvia, the USA, Spain and Germany.