Trapped Women

A woman is born into a completely white world full of light. She begins to explore, feel and live through a dance. She is happy, she feels free. The music guides her through the space she is in, it belongs to her. A red rose catches her attention. She holds it with curiosity, she caresses it, smells it, loves it, dances with it. But the rose ends up hurting her. She begins to bleed. The woman gets scared trying to understand, but she it beaten violently by an invisible force. She responds to the blow in a desperate dance, defending herself, fighting, facing it, but she can’t find her attacker. She is beaten, mistreated and raped. The woman asks us for help, but this anonymous reality murders her. The woman ends

Nataly Vergara Adrianzén (PE)
Nataly Vergara Adrianzén has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from PUCP in Peru. She has worked in advertising, film, theater and new media. She has been the art assistant in the Peruvian feature films “La Familia Bardelli” (2019) and “Secreto del Mal” (2014). She was the theater producer of 4 plays and the art director of the fifth. In 2018, she founded with her brother and director, Rogger Vergara Adrianzén, La Taberna Studios, a film production company, in which she works as a director, screenwriter, art director, designer and distributor. In 2017 she was the art director of the short film “Vocatio”, winner of “Best Crime Drama” in England and Canada. She was also the producer of the short film “Níveo” winner of the National Short Film Award from the Ministry of Culture of Peru. In 2019, she was the art director of the horror short film “The Game”, selected at the Sitges de Catalunya Fantastic Film Festival, and winner of two festivals in the United States; and in Insólito Horror and Fantasy Film Festival in Peru. She is also a scriptwriter, director and art director of the experimental short film of violence against women in Peru “Trapped Women”, winner of “Best Experimental Short Film” at the Worldwide Women’s Film Festival (2020) and in Filmocorto del Festival de Cine de Lima (2019). It was also a winner in “Best Peruvian Short Film” at the Infierno Fest in Los Andes (2019) and, in “Best Short Film” at the 1st Parwarimun Muhu 2020 Short Film Festival, Ayacucho. She was selected to participate in the Berlin Talents 2020; and in the Buenos Aires Talents 2020. Also she was part of the Pitching Lab Of Cinema For Gender Equality, organized by the Justice for My Sister collective and the United States Embassy in 2018 Currently, he is studying a Master’s Degree in Art Direction at the School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia (ESCAC) and she is producing “Monster Brigade”, the first Peruvian medieval fantasy web series made with miniatures, realized in compliance with the rules of mandatory confinement. Also, she is the producer and the screenwriter of a pilot animation series adapted from Juan Acevedo’s comic called “Luchín Gonzales”.