Meandering River

Meandering River is an installation comprised of real-time generated visuals and music that make changing landscapes perceivable by creating a unique awareness of time. Spanning over multiple screens, this work reinterprets the shifting behaviors of rivers by visualizing and sonifying their impact on the surface of the earth. The audiovisual installation creates a bird’s eye view of a landscape. This orientation conceptualizes a new human perspective on space and time, in an attempt to decipher the unpredictable patterns. By experiencing it from an influential perspective, the real-time visuals demonstrate what is happening on a larger scale. Based on a bespoke algorithm, and complex simulation the rippling and oscillating movement inherent in the generated imagery, provides a vantage point that transforms an understanding of progress, to examine the shifting movements and rhythm of natural forces. As the evolving patterns of Meandering River emerge, the viewer is left with a humbling sense of the unpredictability of change and the beauty of nature.

onformative (DE)
onformative is a studio pursuing to challenge the boundaries of art and technology. Guided by an emotional approach to search for experimental forms of creative expression, the studio explores the possibilities that lie between fields of knowledge and practice to question the relationship between humans and technology. This approach strives to create new ways of thinking through a diversity of methods and processes by creating meaningful works and incite explorations for themselves and the public across disciplines. These process-driven curiosities examine conceptual narratives and mediate the intersection of digital and analog fields. The studio explores ideas through unique interpretations, insights and perspectives. By staying true to an experiential process, their pieces take on varying forms across media including interactive media installations, dynamic visuals and data-driven narratives. Through an interdisciplinary and collaborative practice, the visual language of onformative is variable and open to the perception of the individual. Works by onformative have been exhibited internationally across Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and China.