Ramondino’s Apologue

Ramondino’s Apologue is an animated portrait dedicated to the neapolitan writer Fabrizia Ramondino, who passed away in 2008, author of numerous novels, ‘irregular teacher’, creator and active participant of some experiences of alternative pedagogical practices in Naples (Arn – Associazione Risveglio Napoli) co-screenwriter with Mario Martone of Morte di un Matematico Napoletano. The film, vaguely inspired by the work of Ruttman and Fischinger, the German avant garde of the twenties, can be hidden in space becoming a surface, the contents can be visible on devices through an augmented reality app. The Apologue of Ramondino is the second chapter of Naples Three of Three, a cross-media trilogy, created to perform a collection, the permanent collection of the Madre Museum, designed to tell the story of the metropolitan city of Naples.

Matilde De Feo (IT)
Performer, filmmaker, cultural worker. She graduated in film directing, with a degree in theatre and technologies, at the Dams Roma Tre. She graduated at the Academy of Dramatic Arts of the Teatro Bellini in Naples, formed with Alvaro Piccardi, Paolo Giuranna, and also with Julia Varley, Robert Lun, Elena Bucci. She has worked in theater with professionals such as: Gerard Watkins, Marion Aubert, Guy Delamotte, Renato Carpentieri, Pierpaolo Sepe, Pierre Yves Chapelain, video artists and Milica Tomic, Lutz Gregor, Vanessa Beecroft, Paolo Rosa (Studio Azzurro), Silvano Agosti. She’s been owner since 2003 of mald’è project that relates visual arts to theatre , and by whom he made a series of works at like film, video theater, installation, interactive and multimedia shows, present in national and international festivals and museums: Istituto italiano di cultura, Paris, Performare una collezione, Museo Madre Napoli, Mar Museo Museo de Arte Contemporánea Bueno Aires, Wro Media Art Biennale Poland, 14 Mostra Internazionale di Architettura Biennale di Venezia, Regeln für die Revolution, Volksbühne Berlin, Filmmaker Festival Milano, Festival del film di Roma, Short film Corner Festival di Cannes, Milano in digitale, Caffè Fandango, Napoli Film Festival, Riccione TTV. She worked as Voice Over for Rai, RadioTelevisione Italiana.