Loukanikos & Kanellos (Sausage and Cinnamon) delves into the capacity of technology to represent, trigger, and enhance social participation of individuals. Consisting of a live simulation on a diorama where each participating spectator is inserted in, this work uses self-perception theory , and the story of the Riot Dogs to rethink social engagement in the digital era. Visually, Loukanikos & Kanellos is an augmented reality projection inserted onto a scaled replica of the Greek parliament and accessible through a tablet. The projection embodies the events regarding the 2011 Greek anti-austerity movement. To have access to this part of the work, visitors have to answer a quick questionnaire on an app. The algorithm will then create a character and insert it in the crowd. They can then see themselves in the scene through the tablet screen. The higher the result of their answer, the closer the visitor would be from the dogs.

Pierre Chaumont (CA)
Pierre Chaumont is a conceptual artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. His artworks were shown in the United States, China, Japan, Romania, South Korea, Brazil, Greece, Austria Germany, Lebanon, Spain, Slovenia and Canada. He will be part in 2022 in a residency in Enschede, Netherlands and in the meantime, he received the Simultan Festival Award for his video work, is presenting his works in Vienna for Wienwoche and Görlitz, Germany during Zukunftsvisionen. He is part of the collection of the MoCA Laurentians (Canada), Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute (USA), The Museum of Art of Lendava (Slovenia), the Loto-Quebec Collection (Canada) , and the New Ark Library collection (USA).