Scientists discover the unique ability of an extraterrestrial organism to regenerate after being exposed to harmful radiation waves.

Vladimir Todorovic (AU), Brian O’Reilly (AU)
Vladimir Todorovic is an artist and educator living in the Whadjuk region, Australia, where he teaches fine arts in the School of Design, at UWA. He works with new technologies for immersive and generative storytelling. His art explores our relationship with the changing environment and our misuse of past, current and future technologies. His projects have won several awards and have been showcased at various festivals, exhibitions, museums and galleries including 60th Annecy, 18th Vienna Shorts, Ars Electronica, Transmediale and Japan Media Art Festival.

Brian O’Reilly works within the fields of electro-acoustic composition, graphic notation, moving images, noise music and visual art using multiple layers of mixed media techniques and textures. He is also a contrabassist focusing on uncovering the inaudible textures and hidden acoustic microsounds of his instrument through the integration of electronic treatments and extended playing techniques.