This short animated film was commissioned by Tsaritsyno Museum & Nature Reserve in Moscow highlighting the main tourist attractions of the park and its history in the form of a fictional story. The film shows the atmosphere of the park with its XVIII-century architecture and the folklore vibes of an old forest coexisting with the modern visitors. The protagonist of the film goes on a run in Tsaritsyno park and then meets a range of folklore characters, each one connected with a certain historic location in Tsaritsyno. These supernatural characters welcome him and introduce him to their friends through a made-up social media platform Ghostagram. The idea of social media for ghosts and folklore characters can be seen as a metaphor for being moved by the history of a place and feeling connected to the cultural heritage around us.

Anna Podlipentseva (RU)
Anna Podlipentseva is an artist and illustrator interested in visual storytelling in all its various forms, from book illustration to comics and animation. Anna is based in Moscow, Russia and has a shared BA (Hons) Illustration degree from British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow) and University of Hertfordshire. In her work, Anna especially enjoys creating a narrative through the atmosphere of a place, bringing a sense of place to the front of the story and sometimes giving the location where the story is set a more prominent role in the narrative, rather than emphasising characters or events.