They say that we are who we are thanks to the people who broke our hearts, but I think it’s thanks to what we remember about them and the way we do it. Every person who passes through our lives leaves a mark on ourselves, but none is as permanent as those left by the people we once loved. To All The Boys I Loved is an experimental work based on a homonymous poem by Veronica Peñaloza, and it seeks to recall those past loves, those brief and specific remnants of his passage through our lives that still resonate in our current relationships, and articulates our way of facing the future.

Franco Ariel Malizia (AR)
Franco Ariel Malizia is an audiovisual producer and animator based in Córdoba, Argentina. He has worked as a director, producer, and animator in fictional and documentary short films, most of them recognized and exhibited in international festivals around the world. His work is characterized by a mixture of animated techniques, experimenting with traditional 2D animation, ink on paper, stop-motion, digital 3D animation, mapping, and live-action. Currently, he is writing his first animated web series, while he works as an animator in advertising spots and content for social media.