It is hard to let go of someone you love. The main character gets back to memories when he was with the guy he loves. We can see the inner world of the character where all good memories of relationships are gathered as a symbol of the Twin Towers. They are full of warm and lovely flashbacks which help character to fight loneliness. Suddenly, two planes crash into the buildings. The main character remembers all the bad things that happened to them. He tries to stop it, but can’t. Everything he loves is ruined. He is in despair. Our character opens his eyes and sees a memorial. It is a silhouette of two people holding hands. It symbolizes all good and bad things in their shared lives. That memorial represents love, acceptance and hope.

Tyhran Sohoian (UA)
Tyhran Sohoian is an illustrator and animator. His cartoons talk about his life. He wants to show that no matter what kind of sexual orientation or gender someone has, we all feel the same. His works talk about how gay people fight with loneliness and sadness. Tyhran’s cartoon wants to send a message to LGBT+ community that they are not alone. Everything that happens in his work is either at character’s home or own fantasies, because it is pretty hard to show what you feel towards other people, with Ukrainian mentality not ready to accept LGBT+ community. He hopes that his animations will change that.