The project was born from the desire to create an animated music video about the environment, bringing people together with this common concern. Musicians from Belgium and Portugal got together, and starting with a few guitar chords, each began to make their contribution, and joined improbable instruments. In parallel, students from 4 nationalities studying in Re:Anima International Master Degree, formed the animation team. We were still at the beginning of the year and from different corners of the world, ideas, drawings, references were shared, giving shape to a project without a budget, just with the desire to make it grow with the same esteem that we have for our planet. Today we have a film that talks about a journey, a journey that makes us question between what is happening to our planet and what we can still do for it.

Débora Mendes(PT), Elmano Diogo(PT)
Débora Mendes had her initial training in the healthcare field. She is the director of Cellfie (2019) and Sea Shepherd (2019) and had her films screened in more than 90 festivals around the world. She worked on the feature film My Grandfather’s Demons and on the short films The Monkey, Lote B (Assistant Director, Animator) and Rising in a Spiral (Director, Art Director, Animator). She is currently studying in Re:Anima – International Master Degree in Animation.

Elmano Diogo completed the BA in Interactive Media Design. In 2017 he completed his MA in Animation Arts, in Universidade Lusófona. He directed Past-It, Duality, Dandedog, and co-directed Rising in a Spiral, did compositing on the animation short film Cellfie, and is currently working on the feature film Nayola (animating, in-betweens and clean-up). He is currently studying in Re:Anima – International Master Degree in Animation.