Las Ptinas* is an original, stop-motion animated film created to increase environmental awareness and to help both children and adults understand critical ecological issues that affect their place of residence. *Las Ptinas is a reference to the Greek word ptino (πτηνό), meaning bird. Therefore, “Las Ptinas” make a reference to Las Vegas, a city largely inhabited by birds.

PCAI Junior team and Geitonas students (GR)
The film was created by the experienced PCAI Educational team in collaboration with the 5th Elementary Class pupils from Geitonas School. Geitonas school is located in Voula, an area in Kesariani Forest considered protected due to its natural wealth of wildlife. The forest contains an ecosystem of 250 animal species and hosts 98 different types of migratory birds that use the place to rest before traveling to Africa. Their trip has been obstructed during the last few years, however, due to human interventions in the area. This conflict between nature and humans has been the source of inspiration behind Las Ptinas.