Final Chords

“Final Chords“ is a resample of final chords from 16 famous classical piano compositions and her personal requiem to the world. The earth is in a state of self-destruction. Considering the tremendous human and earthly catastrophes all over the world, mankind seems to have fallen into a state of shock. Powerlessness displaces optimism and wherever you look, you feel an apocalyptic sentiment. The “Final Chords“ are collections of endings, which will be continued as an “ongoing project“. In this way an endless end is created as a mirror of the current global development

Stefanie Reling-Burns (DE)
Stefanie Reling-Burns was born in 1969. She studied in the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and in the Düsseldorf Art Academy and a while later, in 2001, she got Akademiebrief (Diploma), awarded by Fritz Schwegler, Rosemarie Trockel and Paul Good. She lives in Stuttgart, Germany.