In 1969, artist Rafael Ruiz Balerdi made the short animated film Homenaje a Tarzán (Homage to Tarzan), which ended with an enigmatic «to be continued». Ehiza (Hunting) is its continuation. It accepts Balerdi’s aesthetic proposal, but steps away from the colonial perspective of the films that inspired that work to depict the harshness of our own reality: harassment, violence and destruction.

Hauazkena Taldea (ES)
Hauazkena Taldea is a group of artists working under different names (Ageda Kopla Taldea, Atxur Taldea, Armintxe Taldea). They have been developing their work since 2016 in the University of the Basque Country, coordinated by Bego Vicario. The artists always work as a team and each project, while involving different people, always has the same objective: to create, to experiment with image and to learn from one another throughout the process. Ehiza is the group’s fifth short film.