In the midst of a climactic battle between two armies, an empress and an emperor battle to decide the fate of the conflict.

Sungkyung Annie Yoon (US), Mauricio Velazco (US)
Mauricio Velazco is a 2D and 3D Animator that focuses primarily on 3D animation. He enjoys making art, be it film or illustration, and he’s currently working on his own 2D Animated series. Ultimately, it’s a priority of his to make things with meaning as well as for personal enjoyment. He would love to work as a 3D animator in the film industry to make characters or elements in a story come to life and create something truly wonderful.

Annie Yoon is a CG Generalist with a focus on Look development. She loves telling stories through textures and marks on the imperfect assets. She would love to work and collaborate in feature/ commercial studios with other inspiring artists and mentors. In her free time, she loves gesture drawing which also helps her understand balance and proportion while creating 3D work. Annie is always open to learning new programs and skills.