Since its inception, the digital world has epitomized the idea of escapism from the daily, the mundane: boredom, distance, isolation, longing. With the ongoing pandemic, most people find themselves at their breaking point – daily confinement in limited spaces, inability of in-person socialization, lack of carefree enjoyment of life to its fullest. Tomorrow will be better because now is the era of stagnation. People are running towards an online utopia, closing the distance between the physical and the digital.

Yannet Vilela (PE)
Yannet Vilela is a Peruvian new media artist and the founder of escape 010101, a platform that reunites artists from around the world with the aim of incorporating visual art, music and other mediums. Currently she is working on experimental 3D video art and audiovisual events with BQestia soundsystem. She’s researching and experimenting with art in the Virtual/Augmented Reality realm, working on ideas to transport people to different worlds and scenes she has constructed. In her practice, she combines abstract figures, technology as a concept, glitch art, iridescent colors, hybridity and more.