The fabric of reality is as thin as the invisible layer of cat fur that lies on top of every cat owner’s house’s floor. When it is inevitably disturbed, reality breaks in response. The supremacy of cats reigns us all, across space and time. Praise be to the cats.

Thomas Leung Yu Ho (HK), Cathy Fung Po Yi (HK), Parco Wong Lok Hang (HK)
A trio of 3 meme-addicted teenagers attempting to make something as potent as cannabis in the form of an animation, each differently talented, equally passionate. Each of them shine in their own respective area, from writing to animating. Such talents were pierced and sewed together by the one and only common denominator, their passion for memes and cats. Suffering from the irreversible damage the internet did to them at a young age, their only choice is to produce whatever wicked visuals their reptilian brains come up with.