In the streets of Cartagena, a young boy embarks on an adventure to find a flower for his crush and win his affection.

Carlos Taborda (US), Roshel Amuruz (US), Ashley Williams (US)
Carlos Taborda is a CG generalist with a focus in the full character pipeline, Look Development and lighting. In his free time he likes to create colorful portrait photography, participate in concert going and dive into fashion culture. Carlos would also love to work in feature/ commercial, doing any art of the character pipeline, asset creation or lighting.

Roshel Amuruz is a CG Modeler with focus on Environment Modeling, Set Dressing and an interest in compositing. When he is not creating new sets he likes to play video and board games, explore NYC and sketch places around him to spark more environment inspiration in his 3D art. His dream is to work in the film industry to create and dress new unique worlds in feature films that will amaze audiences.

Ashley Williams specializes in 3D character animation. She has loved animation for as long as she can remember and now, as a character animator, her goal is to create performances that resonate with audiences and brings people together. Ashley would love to work at a studio and collaborate with other artists to bring to life vibrant and impactful stories.