There came a time in Abril’s life when imagination and fantasy stopped protecting her from the reality in which she lived. Until one day she discovered a new form of escape that would change her life forever.

Eliana Fernandez (UY)
Eliana Fernandez and Sofia Caponnetto met at ORT University of Design – Uruguay, being both students of the Animation and Video Games Design Degree, where they teamed-up to make this short-film, as course assignment. Eliana is a visual artist that has been interested and trained in both traditional and digital media, from an early age. She has been working as a commission artist for over 10 years and recently started working in the animation industry as well. She would love to keep exploring artistic ventures and above all pursue a career in stop-motion filmmaking. Sofia is passionate about everything she does. She likes crafts, 3D animation and above all, visual special effects. She recently started working in the video game industry and her idea is to continue developing that path.