In this rather dystopian depiction of ‘a’ future, two spaceships have an epic battle against a rivaling trio of terrorists through their capital. They will learn what the cost of war really is. With this short film the intention was to touch upon the topic of the sacrifices of war and the perpetuity of it. Whilst also conveying the fact that life won’t wait nor stop for anyone. Everyone has their own battles to fight. And although often, after coming through a difficult time, the tendency is to feel as if the hard has passed. Sooner or later we all realize that ”surprisingly” the next battle may not be so far away, if it’s not already there. Still, we must keep going.

Pablo Díaz de León Hicks (MX)
Pablo Díaz de León Hicks is a 3D animator, director and storyteller. Born in Aguascalientes Mexico in 1998. His main focus is 3D animation, and his biggest aspiration is to become a high-level director so that in addition to entertaining, he gets the opportunity to share ideas, principles, and values he knows to be important and can help make this world a better place.