Vítor and Gustavo decided in january 2020 to be in a long distance relationship. The idea was to meet again every few months. Until COVID stopped them. This is the story of how they overcame the distance and the time through so much love and, mainly, Whatsapp voice messages.

Gustavo de Almeida and Vítor Teixeira (BR)
Gustavo de Almeida and Vítor Teixeira are directors and producers. Along with Belmira directed the Gragoatá’s music video for Café Forte (2017). Gustavo has worked in the production team of short movies such as A Casa de Ana (2017), Carne de Porco (2018) and Minha Amada Virginia (2020). He has written the short movie 179X, selected for the screenwriting labs of Visões Periféricas and Metrô film festivals. Vítor has directed the short movie Flag (2017) and Gragoatá’s music video for Bloco da Alegria (2019). He’s the writer of the TV show project Seabra, selected for the lab Usina do Drama and semifinalist of Festival ROTA.