Anxious Love

This is a story about a digital nomad, living with extreme social anxiety. She spends her life closing herself up inside her apartment until one evening, when she meets someone online, who shakes up her world (in a good way). It is a sweet, short story of struggle, hope, courage and finding love. The short content shades light on the topic of social anxiety, without being preachy about it. The movie ends in an optimistic note.

Kiya Mukherjee (DE)
Kiya is a Filmmaker and and actress working and living in Berlin, Germany. She wrote, produced, directed her first short film called Anxious Love and finished it in 2020. As a directorial debut, the film won in many festivals, which only brought her more enthusiasm to tell more stories. The topic of Anxious Love is extreme social anxiety. A lighter version of it felt by most of the population after the lockdown. Finding love, being brave, being courageous are her favorite topics and her writing and filmmaking evolves around those. She has taken many classes and workshops in Berlin in acting and she uses every opportunity that comes her way, that involves good character and acting and currently building up her body of work. Her dream is to become a audio visual storyteller, whos story reaches millions of people and moves them in a positive way.